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Why Should You Have A Virtual Terminal?

Dec 22, 2015 04:04 PM / by Reliance Star

Almost everyone in the world uses credit cards to go about their daily lives. It’s nearly impossible in this day and age to live off cash only. Majority of businesses are well equipped enough to accept card payments in addition to cash. Those running an online business know how laborious it can be to make money without accepting card payments. One way to make online transactions smooth and easy would be to use a payment gateway. If you’re interested in starting an online business, here are some things you should consider.
Every payment gateway provider comes with different features and different rules. Some have transaction limitations, and some have features that are not specifically set to accept cards the way you need it to. For instance, if you already possess a physical store, a gateway provider may expect you to have two different merchant accounts. The best gateway provider for your business is based on the amount of money processed through card transactions, your volume of sales, and your business set up.
There are many payment gateway providers out there, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. The purpose of the gateway is to increase your business’s profits, so you need to find a provider that is compatible to you. While some may not require set up fees, there may be other different fees associated with each provider. These fees can range from monthly access charges, contract termination fees, and even per transaction fees.
Reliance Star Payment Services recommends quality tools and products to help ourselves as well as our merchants. One of our carefully chosen payment gateway products is Payeezy, a virtual terminal solution. By using Payeezy, we are able to offer exceptional customer service by providing many features such as: 
  •     Customers can pay from anywhere and with their own currency
  •     Professionally designed websites
  •     Latest data protection
  •     Mobile online shopping
  •     Access to transaction information
  •     Real people support
Those are just a few of the many features Payeezy has to offer. You should always do research or contact professionals such as Reliance Star Payment Services for more information before making a decision. 

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