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The Ultimate Key To A Happy And Productive Office Culture

Mar 21, 2016 8:00 AM / by Reliance Star

Your company’s culture plays a huge role in the types of job candidates it attracts. It can also have an impact on whether your top employees choose to stay with your organization or leave to seek out other opportunities. Whether your business is a well-established brand or an up-and-coming startup seeking growth, these five easy tips can help you refine your organizational culture to create a happy and productive working environment for your employees.

Take into Account Feedback from Your Employees

Rather than conducting a massive end-of-year survey of your employees, ask for feedback on a regular basis. Ask open-ended questions to give your employees a voice. Watch out for common responses across multiple departments to get a full picture of what your employees desire from their working environment. By polling your team members frequently, you make it easier to stay on top of what is working for them and what is not so that you can make adjustments accordingly, thereby increasing productivity.

Specifically Define Your Corporate Culture

Take the time to create a document or presentation that clearly explains your office culture. While many of your employees may have a general sense of what the culture entails, newer team members should be indoctrinated right from the start to avoid mistakes due to the learning curve. Having your culture clearly defined; this also makes it easier to market to potential job candidates, giving them a better idea of what to expect if they choose to work for your company. While an established business may already have a clear company culture, entrepreneurs and startup companies are in the unique position of being able to establish the culture they want right from the beginning.

Explain the Mission of Your Organization

Your company’s mission should not be to merely sell products or provide services. Your business should have a larger goal within your industry or as citizens of the world. Make sure that you communicate this mission to your employees so that they can see how their work contributes to that larger objective. This helps to motivate your employees and shows them the value of their work, which can lead them to become more productive contributors to your organization’s mission.

Embrace Transparency

With the increasing popularity of business review sites like Glassdoor, prospective employees have more access than ever to information about your business and its company culture. Rather than trying to fight this trend, embrace it. Millennials in particular are especially attracted to platforms like this and use the information therein as part of their job search efforts. Make sure that your business takes constructive feedback from these reviews to improve your culture to make it more desirable for job seekers and current employees.

Offer Flexibility in Work Options

As more and more of the workforce is shifting towards freelancing and telecommuting opportunities, it is important that your organization provide these options, if possible. Obviously, if your company operates a brick-and-mortar store or delivers a hands-on service, your employees will not be able to work from home. However, with the growing prevalence of cloud computing, many of your organization’s day to day tasks can be performed remotely. Try to provide these options to your employees and job applicants wherever you can, or you run the risk of losing highly qualified candidates to your competitors who do offer this flexibility.

While it is not easy to establish a company culture overnight, with time your business’ culture will evolve to create the optimum working environment for your team members. This will carry over into better service for your customers and more innovative products to keep your business at the forefront of your industry.